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Repairs to step walls ……

Farm manure delivered 9/8/20, top soil delivered 14/8/20. Barrow in the top soil, let settle, then plant hedge.

As at 28/8/20 Just one more layer of topsoil then can start planting.

Wall re-inforcement brickwork.

House weather-shielded 24/8/20.

Very heavy granite sets.

Mortar at 3:1 !!

 Until we can talk ‘real dancin’ the website will have to take a back seat! Although there are many fellow dancers providing dance-related news and activities my only real interest is in the actual dancin’ and the provision of copies of crib sheets as a by-product for dances in my own dance diary.

Dance-wise I have little to offer! However, for the very few special people in my life, I will go some way to describe my latest ‘coronavirus special projects’. When this is all over you must come for ‘tea on the terrace’ or ‘tea in the sitooterie’!

 Hope to be back with positive news sooner rather than  later.

 Derboy  4/10/2020.

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