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Considering a Windows 10 Upgrade?

During November 2015 I requested a Windows 10 download and as agreed 3 weeks later Microsoft advised me the download to my computer had taken place asking me if I wanted to proceed with the installation. I said ‘yes’ and within 30 minutes or so Windows 10 had loaded with minimum input from me. It was a very successful installation. The desktop page is almost identical to my previous Windows 7 page with virtually all the icons and short-cuts intact.  Nearly all the old facilities are still there and my previous reservations about upgrading from Windows 7 to 10 are withdrawn! Good News! Two wee things and a warning though…..

1. You must use a password to access Windows 10. I found a way to by-pass the password inputting but later after I elected to start Windows 10 using my Microsoft Account  I found myself being obliged to use a password on start-up. It’s still a VERY much faster procedure than Windows 7 to fire-up the computer!

2.  The previous Games compendium is not brought forward i.e. Solitaire, Chess Titans were not  available after the download. However there is a very simple way to download the old games compendium - just search the internet to find out how!

3.  You would still be wise to take the view NOTHING is private. All your stored internet addresses and data files are easily and routinely accessed by external agencies - especially ‘cloud’ information - all, it is explained, justified by anti-terrorism policies for which your personal privacy is considered to be of secondary importance.

ALSO  -  Do have a look at this link relating to your personal privacy  -  click here.

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