Danceboy’s Scottish Country Dance Journal.

Dancing in Central Scotland……a personal journal.                   Created  Nov 2018.


1.  Standby for some great 2018 Christmas and 2019 New Year dancin’. It’s all there to be enjoyed!

                                              2.  It’s the Dunfermline Ball next Friday (14/12/18), it’s a good programme, the band is Jim Lindsay!! It’s a                                   tickets only affair. It will be a night to remember, dance-wise and music-wise. Are you going to the Ball? For                                  those of you arriving by air the venue is equidistant from Edinburgh and Glasgow International Airports.

                           3.  The Aviator (J8x32) -  this is an update on 1s dancing below 4s -  it’s official from an official source, 1s may indeed lead down the middle as far as they like as long as 1W crosses over to lead back up behind the men’s side to second place on time. Good dance, weak finish!

 4.  At the Hamilton & Clydesdale Christmas Branch bash there was a dance on the programme which might qualify for entry into The Best Dance List (or it may have been the Christmas tunes selected and played by Nicol McLaren)  -  the dance was Snow on the Mountain (J8x32) -  devisor Lara Friedman USA -  try it on your programmes (it might appear on the video taken on the night -  see the Hamilton & Clydesdale website.

 5.  There’s another contender for The Best Dance List (perhaps 50% the dance, 50% the inimitable Jim Lindsay’s music) in the Martice Club programme on 14/1/19 -  Ruby Wilkinson’s Farewell to Cranshaws S4x32  click here. Do check it out, see whay you think!

 6. It’s the Martice Christmas dance soon (good prg) and just have a look at the recently uploaded Hogmanay Party programme/crib sheet!!

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Dunfermline Ball 14/12/18

Stirling Xmas 21/12/18

Castle 5/1/19

Trinity 15/12/18

Heathfield 22/12/18

Midwinter Ball 11/1/18

Martice Xmas 17/12/18

Coupar Angus 28/12/18

Inverclyde Ball 4/1/19

Monklands Xmas 20/12/18

New Kilpatrick 1/2/19

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Danceboy. (A dancer on the Scottish  Country  Dance circuit) November 2018.

Martice 14/1/19

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