Danceboy’s Scottish Country Dance Journal.

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Spare Page 01


BANNOCKS & BROSE----------J8x32*

 1- 8  1s ½ fig8 Rnd 2s then 1s2s ½ R&L:

 9-16  1s+3s ½ R&L then 2s3s1s turn 1½ RH to fin 3s1s in centre facing up

17-24  3s1s Allemande to 213:

25-32  2s1s3s circle Rnd & Bk: Rpt.

A Holden. 12 SCD's Birmingham Book 1973.


 1- 8  1s dance Dn middle (2 bars), turn BH 92 bars); dance Up1 & cast Dn1 to 213:

 9-16  2s1s3s S&L for 3, 1s ½ diag R&L (start diag to L):

17-24  all S&L for 3, 1s ½ diag R&L (start diag to L) to fin (3)(1)(2):

25-32  all set, ½ turn RH & twirl out to 312 then all set: New cple.

Chris Ronald Big Apple Collection Sunday Class Book 2.

This page is used to provide my own crib precis of dances recently added to the Best dance list.  


GLEN PAVILION (The)------(2 chords)------S4x32*

(on 2nd chord 3s,4s cross to opp sides)

 1- 8  1s2s & 3s4s S&L; 2s1s & 4s3s RH wheel Rt Rnd:

 9-16  1s4s ½ LH wheel, 4M1W & 4W1M ch pls LH; 2s1s & 4s3s turn RH Rt Rnd on sides:

17-24  Rof4 on sides on bar 24 1W4M & 1M4W ½ turn BH on sides to ch pls to complete the Rof4:

25-32  1s4s The Bourrel (M chase, W set adv diag) to fin set to partners & turn BH to 2413: New cpls.

Sandra Welch  RSCDS Dunfermline 90th Anniversary.