Danceboy’s Scottish Country Dance Journal.

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SUNNYSIDE (The)-------------J8X32*

 1- 4  1s2s ½ dble fig8 (1s cross Dn, 2s Up) to fin prom hold facing Dn;

 5- 8  1s (prom hold) ½ RSh Rof3 with 2s (1s RSh to 1M's pos'n) to fin 1s face Dn middle, 2s Up:

 9-16  2s1s3sRof3 on sides (1s out & Dn) to fin 1s curve Rnd to face out M's side:

17-20  1W2M turn RH while 1M3M turn LH;

21-24  1W2W turn LH while 1M3W turn RH to fin BktoBk ready for:

25-32  2s1s3s Dble Triangles: Rpt.

John Drewry  9 for 90 Aberdeen 90th.


 1- 8  1s set, turn RH; cast Dn1, 1s cross RH (2s Up1) to 2(1)3:

 9-16  all circle Rnd & Bk:

17-24  1s La Baratte to 2(1)3 (6 bars) then 1s set adv (pass LSh) to C1's:

25-32  1s turn C1's RH, pass RSh, turn C2's RH to fin pass RSh to 213:

33-40  all lead DM4&U4 to stay in middle facing Up for:

41-48  2s1s3s Allemande to fin 312: New cple.

Devised by George T. Watt

SHENE GATE-------(Square)---------J4x32*

 1- 8  1s3s ½ Ladies' Chain (polite turn for M at end), 1s3s turn partners RH to fin 1s face 2s, 3s face 4s:

 9-16  full Rof4 across to fin as started:

17-24  all set, ch pls RH with person facing AS 1s,3s set to partners & ch pls RH ALSO 2s,4s dance out (sim to IPFTA) (M between side cpls, W RSh Rnd outside of side cpls) clkwise ¼ way Rnd set:

25-32  all circle Rnd & Bk: Rpt.

This page is used to provide my own crib precis of dances recently added to the Best dance list.