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 MPs and members of the public erupted in fury recently following The Queen’s ‘unfortunate’ and ‘outrageous’ plea for the nation to ‘calm down’.

 Said one MP ‘this is widely viewed as a wholly unacceptable political intervention by The Queen and an insult to Parliament’.

Another said ‘it’s not for Brenda to lecture the nation on how to behave. She should keep out of politics and learn when to keep her silly mouth shut’.

 Despite repeated calls, The Queen was last night unavailable for comment which ‘ is an outrageous and unacceptable attitude to adopt to the nation in general and in particular to MP’s like myself!

An MP (name and address supplied)

This developing website journal will support the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in

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The basic aims of the journal are:-

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This new site evolved from the ex-Netherlee site and recognises the Netherlee Scottish Country Dance Club’s proud history by providing an account of its history and providing access to its photograph Gallery.

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Stirling Burns 24/1/20

Copyright Derboy Productions November 2003

Martice 27/1/20

Castle 25/1/20

Danceboy. (A dancer on the Scottish  Country  Dance circuit) November 2018.

Milngavie 7/2/20


 1.  Well done to the Trinity organisers for the club night on Sat 18th January 2020. Stewart Warrender and David Anderson played magnificently for a good dance programme. Good partner to bring in the New Year, Fireworks with C., a competent Johnnie Walker, a professional for Goth, Strathmore much better than reads, the Tournee I still got it!, Fraser disaster, Happy Meeting fun, encore demanded for Summer Assembly (non-birlers were pleased to sit down for the encore and be replaced with birlers (oh dear me!, the embarrassment!), Cashmere simply magnificent, Milton worked a treat (needs and got a good set), Knotworked with specialist, a great Belle to fin with a surprisingly good-fun Mrs MacLeod with an inspired set. Well worth the journey from Clarkston!! You should give it a try!!

 2.  There are some very good programmes coming up over the next few weeks!! Programmes in the West are gradually improving in quality and quantity compared with those of the East. However it must be remembered 16 dance programmes are clearly the more suitable for those in their twilight years!

 3.  The order of events for  Stirling Branch Burn’s Night on Friday 24/1/20:-  Piping in the Guests (maybe), 9 dances, Chairman’s Remarks, The Selkirk Grace, Piping in the Haggis, Address to the Haggis, Burns Supper, Coffee and Guest Musician (NOT speaker) followed by dancing ‘til late. Crib sheet updated 23/12/19 JDP 16/1/20.


Milngavie 6/3/20

Troon 31/1/20

Ericht 21/2/20

Trinity 18/1/20

Castle 1/2/20

Castle 15/2/20

Martice 10/2/20

Martice 24/2/20

Martice 9/3/20

Castle 29/2/20

Castle 14/3/20

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Castle 28/3/20

Red Deer 20/3/20

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