Danceboy’s Scottish Country Dance Journal.

 Official Website                                                                                                    Created Nov 2018.

This developing website journal will support the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in

its efforts to promote Scottish Country Dancing in the UK and throughout the world!

The basic aims of the journal are:-

Fast access to the Mickel, Martice, Pitlochry and Red Deer websites will continue to be provided.

This new site evolved from the ex-Netherlee site and recognises the Netherlee Scottish Country Dance

 Club’s proud history by providing an account of its history and providing access to its photograph


We are here - to find us click on the map ....

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Fast Access to Mickel Club Website

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Thoughts for 2021. ……….

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 Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This exclamation mark alert will remain until the COVID-19 Emergency

Bill, in force ‘til Sept 2022, is rescinded. Thanks to some alert backbenchers of all parties a 6 monthly re-vote will be required.

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 Website Statement  -   Tuesday 21st September 2021.

 1.  Getting up to speed on the dance-floor might be easier for some than others! Those who have been keeping up-to-date with the ‘dance at home’ brigade will find it a lot easier than other folks who have to dance to derive pleasure from the past-time.

  2.  Martice Club 2021 dates are now available - see Martice site.

Folks - my website host has changed the storage references to the website - you may have experienced difficulties accessing the various websites - they say the change will speed up response times - hope things have been sorted as of now Tuesday 21st September 2021 !!











We must ensure this never happens again!!

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