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 1.  Leaving aside snow and mellow fruitfulness (fog to the driving dancer) it will be an above average Winter of good programmes and brilliant bands playing for us in the Central Scotland belt!! It won’t be the organisers fault if you don’t have a great time!

 2.  The 11/11/19 was a good Martice night with everyone keen to include all attending to partake in the execution of the trickier dances! Nicol McLaren is preparing for the launch of a new CD which will  include a new track called ‘Nicol McLaren’s Polka’. This was the Reel I enthused about when he played it at a Saltcoat’s dance recently. One more class night then the superb Martice Christmas dance in the main hall of the Albert Halls in Stirling.

 3.  Hope you all have your Dunfermline Ball tickets -  time is running out! Come along and learn some Dunfermline Branch 90th Anniversary dances or better still study all the dances on the SCD Dictionary pages (no videos available) in preparation. There are a number of old favourites on the programme.

 4.  The ‘Hits Count’ for October 2019 has been updated. The 2019 October figures are similar to previous years but show a dramatic fall in the number of visits recorded for the 2019 summer months. Although the numbers are down on the summer figures those visiting the site are staying considerably longer.

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Danceboy. (A dancer on the Scottish  Country  Dance circuit) November 2018.

Martice 25/11/19

Thanks to Private Eye.

Castle 16/11/19

Castle 30/11/19

Castle Xmas 14/12/19

Milngavie 6/12/19

Linlithgow 15/11/19

Midwinter Ball 17/1/20

Dunfermline Ball 13/12/19

Stirling Xmas 20/12/19

Stirling Burns 24/1/20

Hamilton Xmas 6/12/19

Trinity 7/12/19

Trinity 21/12/19

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Grangemouth 4/12/19

Hogmanay Hoolie 31/12/19 (T)

Martice Xmas 16/12/19

EK Ceilidh 23/11/19

Coupar Angus 28/12/19