Billy Goat Gruff shot by Wicked Witch.

Following discovery of the body PC Plod rounded-up immediate suspect, a Mr Troll, resident of Under-the-Bridge. However doubts arose following publication of photographs showing blonde American huntress posing with her assault rifle and the corpse. PC Plod later said “This clears up the mystery of Ms Bo-Peep’s missing sheep, what happened to Bambi’s mum and we’re going to re-open the Cock Robin investigation despite the confession of Mr Sparrow and his bow and arrow”.

The Huntress later said she had done nothing wrong, she had no option “he would have trip-trapped all over me had I not pulled the trigger on my assault sniper rifle”.

Latest News:- Wolf shot despite being disguised as Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. Airborne cow shot in mid-air during a lunar jump. Christmas cancelled due to Rudolf’s now not so

mysterious disappearance.


1.  The AGM Ball 2018 in Perth was indeed a memorable night. It was a very well organised and well managed occasion. HQ and Perth Branch dance sub-committee members did a first class job! Jim Lindsay’s Band excelled themselves, the company responded with rapturous applause! It was an example of an average minus programme being elevated to a brilliant one by the music. The young folk dance demonstration left one grumpy old man speechless with admiration! Well done to them. There is hope yet for a continuing dancing future for the form of dance we all love!

2.  Perhaps some of you would like to see again a video taken from Kinnoull Hill in Perth -  click here.

3.  The Trinity dances leading up to Christmas (1st and 15th Dec) are now available (it’s Jim Linday on 1st and Matthew Maclellan on 15th)…

 4.  Some of the Christmas dance cribs are now available including the Glasgow Branch Midwinter Ball.

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Carmichael  95th 23/11/18

Martice 19/11/18

AGM Ball 3/11/18

Dunfermline Ball 14/12/18

Stirling Xmas 21/12/18

Castle 24/11/18

Castle 8/12/18

Killearn 16/11/18

Martice 3/12/18

The Netherlee website is in transition from a Club website to an individual website. The site will be re-named. The developing website will support the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in its efforts to promote Scottish Country Dancing in the UK and throughout the world! The publication of crib sheets will continue.

Access to the Mickel, Martice, Pitlochry and Red Deer websites will be retained.

The new site, with the permission of the present club members, will pay tribute to the ex-Netherlee Club with its proud history by providing a one page account of the club’s history and access to the club photograph Gallery.

Stonehouse 7/12/18

Trinity 1/12/18

Trinity 15/12/18

Falkirk Xmas 5/12/18

Heathfield 22/12/18

Midwinter Ball 11/1/18

Martice Xmas 17/12/18




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