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This developing website journal will support the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in

its efforts to promote Scottish Country Dancing in the UK and throughout the world!

The basic aims of the journal are:-

Fast access to the Mickel, Martice, Pitlochry and Red Deer websites will continue to be provided.

This new site evolved from the ex-Netherlee site and recognises the Netherlee Scottish Country Dance Club’s proud history by providing an account of its history and providing access to its photograph Gallery.


 1.  There’s a tricky offering from Glasgow Branch (good for them!!) coming up on 1st March 2019!! All dances will require some homework but more than most is the very easy to underestimate Shortbread Fingers (referred to by some as ‘the little stinker’!!). Advanced calling and perhaps a couple of quick walk-thru’s may be advisable (although Mickel summer class dance students of yore should do well with Shortbread Fingers -  we’ll be watching!!)

2.  Remember, to dance Ruby Wilkinson’s Farewell to Cranshaws RSCDS Book 52 (S4x32) to Jim Lindsay’s Band you should arrange to attend Stirling Castle Club’s night on Sat 16th Feb in Bridge of Allan. Well, well, after all the anticipation, I made a mistake, it was as 4 th man, completed the half circle and forgot the diag Rof4, tried to S&L, messed it up!! Sorry partner!! JDP 17/2/19.

3.  Sadly, there’s a clash -  Trinity with Jim Lindsay on 23/2/19 or East Kilbride Highlander’s Association monthly ceilidh!

4.  The Duns 65th May Weekend details are now available………see crib sheets for Friday 17th  and Saturday 18th May 2019.

5.  After recently adding a few ‘just OK’ dances to the Best Dance List The Lauderdale Lads, danced at BofA on 16/2/19, came in for consideration as a dance worthy of being on the list. Decided against. Will re-consider after its been danced again (Jim Lindsay’s music almost promoted the dance to the list!!  

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Thoughts for 2019. Thanks to Private Eye.

Linlithgow 22/3/19

Martice 25/2/19

Danceboy. (A dancer on the Scottish  Country  Dance circuit) November 2018.

Martice 11/3/19

Dunferline 90 th 31/5/19

Will we never learn?

Bearsden 1/3/19

Stonehouse 22/2/19

Carmichael 5/4/19

Trinity 23/2/19

Castle 2/3/19

Castle 16/3/19

Castle 30/3/19

Duns Ball 17/5/19

Duns Dance 18/5/19

Red Deer 8/3/19

Coupar Angus 27/4/19

EK Ceilidh 23/2/19

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Perth Ball12/4/19

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Martice 25/3/19 EofS