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 “and now back to Andy Murray on Court One after receiving a new hip, first set, game six, no breaks yet”.


 1.  Summer dance composite programmes for Stirling Branch link here,  Ayr Branch link here, Alva Summer Dancing link here.

 2.  It was a good night at Bridge of Allan (weather warm and getting hotter!) with the Stirling Branch summertime dancers on Sat 20/7/19. The quick wallkthru’s for some tricky golden oldies (I refer to the dances) suited me very well!!

 3. Following the night at Troon the strathspey Finnan Haddies S4x32 has been added to the Best Dance List.

 4.  The crib sheet for Alva for 15th August marks the end of the summer dance season in the Cochrane Hall, Alva. It’s hard to believe we’ve come to the end of summer dancing, at any location, why, it will soon be Autumn, Autumn dancing, then the dark nights descend, but we will prevail, we WILL dance through it all!! It’s a similar situation with Mickel and Pitlochry with the final cribs for 2019 now available!!!

 5.  To see a video of a dance on the recent Pitlochry programme on Sat 13/7/19 ‘Captain John Vancouver’ click here. It might make it to the Best Dance List like a couple of others on the Pitlochry programme -  we’ll see!!

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Thoughts for 2020. Thanks to Private Eye. Danceboy. (A dancer on the Scottish  Country  Dance circuit) November 2018.

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Troon 22/7/19

BofA 31/8/19

Mickel 29/7/19

Mickel 5/8/19

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Alva 25/7/19

Troon 29/07/19

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Ericht 16/8/19

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Perth 23/7/19

Perth 30/7/19

Alva 1/8/19

Alva 8/8/19

Pitlochry 10/8/19

Pitlochry 24/8/19

BofA 3/8/19

BofA 17/8/19


 1.  Re your recent cartoon depicting a dismembered arm.  I found it to be a little ‘two humerus’; the upper arm has only one bone whereas the lower arm contains two bones, the radius and the ulna.

2.  Re your recent property sale announcement ……..the word ‘Annex’ is a verb often used when referring to the actions of an A.Hitler Esq., whereas ‘Annexe’ is the noun most estate agents use to refer to a building.

 At Wimbledon recently……..

Alva 15/8/19

Pitlochry 7/9/19

Mickel 12/8/19

Mickel 19/8/19

Mickel 26/8/19

Mickel  2/9/19