1.  Attendances at Alva and Pitlochry recently indicate all is back to normal!! Dance programme composites for Alva, Perth and Troon are available  -  click here for the Alva composite, click here for the Perth composite and click here for the Troon composite. The Pitlochry composite is available on the Pitlochry website  -  see below.

2.   The Alva prog on 28/6/18 includes a 2 cple in a 4cpl set strathspey called Dumyat (John Drewry)  -  click here for video of the dance.

3. It was another memorable night at Pitlochry on Sat 16th June 2018. David Oswald’s Band performed exceptionally well with some fine tunes incorporated into the repatoire! Two dances on the programme have merited a place in the Best Dance List  -  Flora’s Cross (S8x32) and The Mixer Box (R8x32). The crib sheet below has also been updated with more detailed instructions for both dances.    

Formed in 1950 the aim of the Club is to be a Social Dance Club for the Instruction and Practice of Scottish Country Dancing.

The Club is affiliated to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

An RSCDS trained Dance Instructor is available at our weekly meetings during the Winter months in the Netherlee Pavilion in the south side of Glasgow in Scotland.

We strive to maintain an equal number of lady/gentleman dancer members.

All are welcome but a knowledge of the basic steps and formations would be

 an advantage. (Beginners classes are available from the Glasgow Branch of the RSCDS).

We are here - to find us click on the map ....

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Crib Sheets

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