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This developing website journal will support the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in its efforts to promote Scottish Country Dancing in the UK and throughout the world!

The basic aims of the journal are:-

Fast access to the Mickel, Martice, Pitlochry and Red Deer websites will continue to be provided.

This new site evolved from the ex-Netherlee site and recognises the Netherlee Scottish Country Dance Club’s proud history by providing an account of its history and providing access to its photograph Gallery.


 1.   The New Kilpatrick night on 19/1/19 included two mid-half breaks for entertainment in the form of pipes and a Burns eulogy from Hamish immediately followed by an amusing response on behalf of  ‘the much put-upon ladies’ from Moira. All very uplifting, giving us something to laugh about and far away from the all-too-often ‘we’re never so happy as when we’re miserable’ ceilidh offerings. Lindsay Weir played some great tunes and played them very well making for a thoroughly enjoyable evening of dance. Swiss Lassie for a bit of action to The Royal Wedding and The Gentleman for a ‘touch of class’. The buffet supper was of a high standard encouraging many of us to eat far too much. Well done to the event organisers!

 2.  Oh Dear Me, Oh My…….there’s a tricky programme offering from Glasgow Branch coming up on 1st March 2019! Much of the programme will require some homework but The Bonnie Lass O’ Bon Accord, The Aird of Coigach and above all, very easy to underestimate, is the strathspey Shortbread Fingers!! If we are to avoid omitting dances due to time constraints summarised calling will be a must!! In addition IMHO a fast walk-thru would be desirable for three dances above as well as an extension of the hall booking to 1 am!!

3.  You will have the opportunity to dance Ruby Wilkinson’s Farewell to Cranshaws RSCDS Book 52 (S4x32) to Jim Lindsay’s Band with the Castle Club on Sat 16th Feb in Bridge of Allan. It was danced very successfully at the Martice Club class night on Monday 14 th January in the Albert Hall, Stirling….. see Martice website for comments.

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New Kilpatrick 1/2/19

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Burns Night 25/1/19

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Castle 16/2/19

Danceboy. (A dancer on the Scottish  Country  Dance circuit) November 2018.

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Dunferline 90 th 31/5/19

New Kilpatrick 19/1/19

Irrésistible Brexit nonsense..…

La Scene: un bateau de fishing Anglais vraiment close to la côte de France…..

Le Fisher-homme anglais: Oh la la! Voyez tous les scallops que nous avon trouvé au bed de la mer!

Le Fisher-homme français: Oi ! Que fait-vous avec les scallops français?

Anglais: Simmerai dans un frying pan. Mmm. Délicieux!!

Français: Leavez notre scallops alone!!

Anglais: Non! Je fillerai mon boots!

Francais: don’t vous mean ‘boats’?

Anglais: Non -  Boots. As in Wellington boots - comme dans Waterloo, comme Trafalgar!

Français: Cessez de prendre le mickey!!

Anglais: (Il mange un scallop dans un gesture provocotif) Mmm. Délicieux!!

Français: Je warn you - takez vous your thieving hands off nos scallops!!

Anglais: Makez-moi !!

Français: Je will……….…(to be continued)

Bearsden 1/3/19