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 1.  Apologies to those good souls who stood up for Reel of the Puffins at Bridge of Allan on 22/6/19 having swotted up the dance! Somehow (I have no idea how) Reel of Royal Scots on the Stirling Branch programme was replaced by Reel of the Puffins on my crib sheet. JDP 23/6/19 !!

 2. Dance of the month (IMHO) is Butterfly (R4x32) devised by Gaye Collin in New Zealand. The recommended music is The Craven Twelvesome as in the CD ‘A Tribute to Derek Haynes’.

 3. Summer dance composite programmes for Stirling Branch link here and Ayr Branch link here are now available from their respective websites. Also available are composites for Dunfermline  link here  and Alva Summer Dancing  link here.

 4.  The website is not for  my personal use but in this case I cannot resist sharing this photo with you. During a visit to London last week my granddaughter received a special invitation -  click here  -  (only if you’re happy to share this with me).

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Thoughts for 2020. Thanks to Private Eye….. Danceboy. (A dancer on the Scottish  Country  Dance circuit) November 2018.

Picnic Dance 26/6/19

North Kessock 5/7/19

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