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 Website Statement  -   21st October 2020.

 Oh dear, a 5-stage lock-down appears to be on the cards in Scotland! The Scottish sages face endless discussions connecting a lock-down stage with area PCR results. There is also debate on the reliability of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test results - some claiming positive results have a confidence of only 10%!! Surely not!! Who sets those hares running? Some are asking “are we enduring a ‘pandemic’ or are we now enduring a ‘casedemic’” - you decide!! The sages tend to advocate severe lock-down while some in the ‘scientific’ community make the case for the virus being no more severe than previous pandemics.  Whichever is the case this website continues to limp along desperately hoping for good news re ‘wir dancin’. The ‘Hits Count’ data shows a real fall in website usage although ‘hits’ from abroad have been surprisingly high. It’s now doubtful we are to see any relaxation of the rules for ‘gatherings’ leaving our hopes of some dancing around Christmas time now a much more remote possibility!!

 To all you special folk who make use of this site and want to dance Scottish I wish you all well, keep safe and let’s hope there is good dancing news soon.  Byeeee!!  ……Derboy.

This developing website journal will support the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in

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This new site evolved from the ex-Netherlee site and recognises the Netherlee Scottish Country Dance

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Dunblane 17/4/20  (2 of 6)

 Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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These are 6 crib sheets dating from 8/4/20 to 29/5/20 prepared but never used due to coronavirus. If you like you can imagine enjoying them over the next 6 weeks!!

Kilbarchan 8/4/20  (1of 6)

Alloa 24/4/20  (3 of 6)

Hamilton 24/4/20  (4 of 6)

Comrie 2/5/20  (5 of 6)

Tillicoultry 29/5/20  (6 of 6)