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  Heard on the radio ……

 1.  “One lad the microscope might fall under…”

(about a promising young football player)

 2.  “We’d love to hear about viewers’ memories of the 1969 moon landing, so please get in touch if you were there”

  Letters to the Editor ……



 “If US singer Cher were to ever tie the knot with UK comedian Ross Noble, I fear it would make for an unstable relationship which might result in deadly fallout involving the neighbours.”


  “If actress Holliday Grainger were to become hitched to musician Don Letts, I couldn’t see their union lasting more than a fortnight.”


 1.  At last, a composite to match RSCDS Stirling Branches published programmes  -  see the Martice Club website for date, band and crib sheet notifications  -  brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Join our club if you’ve danced before!!

 2.  The nights are drawing in, the weather’s playing up a bit but the dancing never stops!! To watch a demonstration of pas-de-bas click here and learn - yes, it should interest boys and girls!! Perhaps all present SCD teachers should be required, every five years or so, to submit a similar video of their own performances. Please click here if you agree and click here if you disagree. The results of the poll will be published (if I get away with this!!) early September 2019……..Webmaster 11/8/19.


 3.  The Troon Hospice programme for 2/9/19 is inspired! Well done to the compiler(s) who have successfully selected the best of the 2019 summer dances! Should be a good night and well worth the travelling.

 4.  Click here for a copy of Stirling Castle Club programmes for the 2019 Autumn/Winter season and dates and bands for the Spring of 2020.

 5.  The Red Deer website has been updated and the first two morning class crib sheets are now available.

This developing website journal will support the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in

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This new site evolved from the ex-Netherlee site and recognises the Netherlee Scottish Country Dance Club’s proud history by providing an account of its history and providing access to its photograph Gallery.

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Crib Sheets

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Copyright Derboy Productions November 2003

BofA 31/8/19

Troon 26/8/19

Pitlochry 24/8/19

Pitlochry 7/9/19

Mickel 26/8/19

Mickel  2/9/19

Danceboy. (A dancer on the Scottish  Country  Dance circuit) November 2018.

BofA 14/9/19

Ericht 20/9/19

Milngavie 13/9/19

Clarkston 11/10/19

Troon 2/9/19

Strathcarron 30/8/19

Hamilton 29/8/19

Saltcoats 25/10/19

Martice 14/10/19

Martice 30/9/19