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 1.  Thanks to a coupla contributions the Dundee Reel controversy has reached a conclusion  -  click here  to view.

 2.  The Perth Ball -  the location, car parking, hotel staff were all first class. The accommodation was adequate. The quality of the food served was excellent but the process took a long time. Just as I was pondering the downside of dinner dances Jim Lindsay, Alison Smith and Gordon Smith (no relation) struck up and started off a really great evening of dance and conviviality! The dance-floor was first class and the numbers dancing just right for the space available. The programme was better than I had expected. We were running late and in all the years I have been dancing the organising committee simply omitted dances from the programme (which in my opinion is a breach of contract) but in this case the committee took a magnificent, inspired, courageous decision to cut the interval to 5 minutes!! Brilliant!! No doubt thanks are also due to the band’s cooperation! Well Done all!! It was a good night, please reserve a ticket for next year!


 3.  Mickel summer starts 13/5/19. Pitlochry summer starts 1/6/19. Here we go………

 4.  Duns 65th May Weekend tickets now been issued. On Sat 1st dance is New Year Jig J8x32 NOT Shiftin’ Bobbins as previously stated.


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Thoughts for 2019. Thanks to Private Eye. Danceboy. (A dancer on the Scottish  Country  Dance circuit) November 2018.

Dunferline 90 th 31/5/19

Picnic Dance 26/6/19

Coupar Angus 27/4/19

North Kessock 5/7/19

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Dunblane 26/4/19

Alloa 3/5/19

Ericht 10/5/19

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